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Pampshade -petit boule-

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What is PampShade · · ·
"Pain" + "Lamp shade" = "Pampshade" ("Pain" means bread in French.)

A completely new interior light born from genuine bread, it is a pampshade.

I like bread, bread is cute, I want to look at the room and decorate it all the way ...
It was born out of such a feeling, it is only one interior light in the world.

The romantic light of homemade bread made with each one having a dignity lights you gently.

Rolling round and cute petit boule type.
Boule means "ball" in French,
There is a classic shape from the initial pampshade.

The size is about 7 to 9 cm in diameter that it fits comfortably into the palm of your hand.


Strong flour, flour, yeast, LED, battery, others

AA battery × 1 (attached)
※ continuous lighting time: about 100 hours

Since this product uses genuine bread, the shape and size differ slightly one by one.
Also, as we have made a hollow in the making process, there are cases where cracks are occurring in some places or there are cases where very small holes are rare, but please do not worry because it is not a defective item.
Moreover, there is no worry that it will mold and corruption go from there.

Although this product uses genuine bread,
For preservation, after firmly drying, the entire surface including the inside is coated with resin.

Also, with a single pampshade, there is not enough brightness to read books.
Please enjoy as the interior of the room.

※ Because it is a crack, please be careful when handling.
Production place / Production method
Japanese Handmade.

※ This price is for one.

※※※Occasionally custom duties might be charging on the item.